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– Jayson K., Chicago, Illinois

 "This past weekend, I had a chance to try out my new Wilwood BBK from Arizona Z at a track event. For those who are unfamiliar with Blackhawk Farms Raceway, it is considered by many to be the hardest track in the country on brakes. During the first session, two cars went right off the track due to brake fade. At the end of my last session of the day, my brakes worked just as good as my first lap of the day. Despite hard and repeated braking, there was no evidence of fade whatsoever. The 6-piston fronts with 13" rotors and the 4-piston rear with 12" rotors were incredible. Big thanks to Dave at Arizona Z" 

– Chris Ferguson, Adelaide, Australia

"We have just completed our big  4 day asphalt rally, which we won !!!.
Your LCAs worked really well and we were able to get the car handling better than the Porsches. We created rear toe in to get stability under heavy braking, we got plenty of castor on the front for high speed stability and lots of negative camber for great cornering. With corner weighting, the car flew over the bumps and crests and landed cleanly and smoothly. 

We have the fastest normally aspirated Zed in Australia.
Thanks for your great product."

– Jack MacDonnell, Toronto, Canada

 "Hi Dave, Just thought I should let you know all the suspension parts I ordered from you over a year ago paid off big time. I ran my Modified '76 280Z in the 2014 Ontario Region Mobil One Autoslalom Championship and won the Modified / Prepared Class! The car handles extremely well and is very predictable with a ton of grip.
Thank you again for producing quality well engineered components.
I'm running Autocross again this year and will take on Time Attack and Road Racing in the near future when I build another high HP motor." 

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