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Why do you use Wilwood Calipers?

Wilwood calipers have always provided an outstanding combination of performance, weight, and cost. They have continued to evolve over the years and in my opinion the current crop of Forged Superlite, Billet Superlite 6 and Dynalite calipers are world class in performance and quality. 

What's the quality like on the rest of the components in your kit?

Our rotor centers and brackets are all CNC machined on the latest equipment from 6061-T6 aluminum then anodized. All of our hardware is zinc plated. The brake lines are made specifically for our kits. These kits are very complete and all parts are brand new as well. 

Can't I save money buy using rebuilt 300ZX calipers instead?

Not really, the 300ZX calipers are heavier, don't have stainless steel pistons to reduce
heat transfer to the fluid, don't have as thick a pad, etc.  Besides here's a  "rebuilt" caliper one of my customers actually paid money for at an auto parts store! It must of been the catch of the day at the lake it came out of! 

Can these brake kits really be used on the race track?

Yes we've had hundreds of customers use them in full out competition such as GT2, and IMSA,  also in open track events, solo , autocross, and hill climbs.

Professional racers don't really use Wilwood calipers and rotors do they?

Actually they are used on Super Modifieds, Winston Cup cars, Craftsman trucks, sprint cars, sports racers,  and by Nascar teams with budgets of tens of millions of dollars .
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