4 Barrel Intake Manifold

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Fits all 1970-1983 Z & ZX Eliminate the problems of worn out SU's and trouble plagued fuel injection. Holley 4150 Bolt pattern. Can use Holley Sniper or FI tech fuel injection as well. A simple solution to induction problems. Plenum and minor port work has yielded 190-196 CFM between all 6 runners on Rebello Racing's Flow Bench. This will support up to 290 HP! Recommended Carb: Holley 390 - 600 CFM

240SX Throttle Body Spacer

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Billet 1" Spacer with 60mm Entrance Hole allows simple bolt on of 240SX 60mm Throttle Body. Also allows #1 Intake Runner to flow more similar to the other 5 Runners. Drilling and Tapping will allow Water/Meth injection or NOS injection.

Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

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For 1970-1978 Nissan 240Z, 260Z, 280Z This is a specially designed baffled pan that controls the oil position under extreme cornering, acceleration and braking. The pan is a high strength casting that adds rigidity to the engine block. The deep fins on the bottom of the pan greatly increase oil cooling. This pan also adds about a quart of extra oil capacity.

Fittings for Drain, Turbo Return and Oil Temperature Sensor.

65mm Billet Aluminum Throttle Body

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65mm Billet Aluminum throttle body fits the 1975-1983 Datsun 280Z, 280ZX stock EFI manifold for maximum airflow on L-28 EFI manifolds
use with adapter/spacer.

L Series or LS Swap Aluminum Cross Flow Radiator

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Fits 1970-1978 240Z 260Z 280Z. Will fit 1979 - 1983 280ZX with modifications. The crossflow design increases efficiency and it weighs about half of a copper and brass radiator. It bolts right to the stock core-support. this was actually designed for racing, If you are running stock air conditioning or airflow meter you may need to notch the brackets for clearance.

This radiator is the height of a 280Z radiator and as such hangs about 2 inches lower than a stock 240Z radiator but it's still not as low as the cross-member so ground clearance isn't an issue. Keeps a 450 WHP LS 240Z cool on 20 minute track sessions in 100+ degree Arizona weather.

Includes genuine Stant Radiator Cap and now features a Drain Petcock.




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